The Best Indestructible Dog Bed

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Chaucer is a Catahoula Leopard Dog. He comes from working lines. In other words, he’s a Certified Rough and Tumble Rodeo Clown. Tough chew toys? Never tough enough. A new dog bed? Ticket to total fluff mayhem in under five minutes. So. . . I’ve been on a mission to find the best indestructible dog bed. Mission accomplished!

Spoiler alert: It’s the Chew Proof Armored Crate Pad by K9 Ballistics (#affiliate). It’s wonderful. You can use our coupon code ChaucerLovesLife to get 10% off!

Read on to find out why we both love it so much. . .

Chaucer’s Hobbies

Chaucer is the toughest, rowdiest dog I’ve ever owned. He’s also a total sweetheart. But. His. Hobbies. He particularly enjoys:

  • Chewing on pine cones (yes, pine cones)
  • Endless games of tug of war
  • Gnawing on elk antler sheds
  • Annihilating indestructible chew toys
  • Shredding socks and fluffy chew toys
  • Dust bunny farming with a hoard of fluff harvested from deceased toys
  • Ripping up dog beds and flinging the stuffing all over the house (for the dust bunny farm, I assume)

So, when I say we needed a tough bed, I’m not lying. I’m also fairly certain that if Chaucer hasn’t destroyed it, it stands a pretty good chance with your dog.

Dog Beds, Zero. Chaucer, Eleven Million and Counting

I needed a good kennel pad for Chaucer. He’s crate trained (an essential skill for all Catahoulas). But I wanted him to be comfy in his crate.

He didn’t seem to care about comfy. Any bed or blanket I provided, he shredded. In short order. At first, I worried he was having separation anxiety. But then I caught him in the act and realized he was having a party.

This was his idea of FUN. Once everything was shredded to his specifications, he settled down in the fluff and took a nice long nap.

Unlike Chaucer, I’m not amused when the expensive dog bed I just bought ends up in tatters. Nor do I particularly like buying an unlimited supply of cheaper beds.

The Best Indestructible Dog Bed

Enter K9 Ballistics’ Armored Dog Crate Pad. The dog bed fits perfectly in his kennel. It’s made of rip-stop fabric. It has just enough stuffing to be cushy but not tempting. Did I mention? It’s surrounded by a metal frame.

The frame has prevented Chaucer from being able to chomp down on the edges. This was his favorite place to start with his other unsuspecting dog bed victims. May they rest in pieces peace.

I expected the frame to be on the heavy side, but it’s not at all. It’s really easy to take it in and out of the crate. I’ve even thought about packing it when we go to the park so I can put it under a picnic table for him while I have lunch. I know my dog, though. He’d rather roll in the dirt because then he gets a bath later. (Weirdo loves playing in the tub. . . )

Speaking of baths, the frame can be removed to wash the bed. The fabric comes with a water repellent coating. We’ve had ours for almost a year, and I’ve only needed to spot clean with a little soap and water.

Like I said, this bed is freakin’ AWESOME!

120 Day Warranty

Granted, a determined dog will get through anything. Example: my neighbor’s dog once hulked out of his kennel during a thunderstorm and completely chewed through the basement door into the rest of the house.

However, K9 Ballistics has a 120-day warranty on the armored crate pad. So if your dog gives Chaucer a run for his money and figures out how to dismember this dog bed, at least you’re covered for a few months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here’s the link! They also have a raised version that’s great for more circulation in the summer, and lots of super comfy looking “chew resistant” beds (Chaucer is laughing as I type that). Feel free to use our coupon code ChaucerLovesLife to get 10% off your order!

Chaucer also says thank you for purchasing through our links, because it means he gets to test out some more dog toys (maybe even ones with stuffing).

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