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Women in Art book review

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I realized the other day that I know very little about the history of women artists, even though almost all of the artists in my personal life have been women. Then, while browsing the shelves at a bookstore, I discovered a beautiful book that helped remedy the situation. I’m sharing about it today with my Women in Art book review. Read on to discover why I think it’s such a gem.

Adorable illustrations

Women in Art is written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky. The illustrations grabbed my attention first. They are colorful and charming. The focus is on creating a memorable representation of each artist in a way that also celebrates the illustrative style of the author. She does a phenomenal job creating vibrant, attention-grabbing portraits that convey so much about the personality and background of each artist.

Representation of many artists

Each biographical entry contains information about the artists’ careers and chosen mediums. I also appreciated that this book showcases artists from many historical periods, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The entries are arranged by historical date, starting with Guan Daoshen, poet and painter (1262-1319), and finishing with Maya Lin,, architect, sculptor, and designer, (1959-).

Women in Art book review

If you have young artists at home, this would be a perfect addition to their bookshelves. It should be easy to understand for most readers ages 10 and up. However, I found it just as engaging as an adult reader. It’s the kind of book to enjoy with a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. It’s a light but surprisingly detailed introduction to many beloved women artists and some you might not have heard about. I found it to be a good starting point that encouraged me to search out full biographies on many of the women. Whether you are looking for an introduction to women artists for a younger reader or for yourself, Women in Art is worth a look!