Yarrow Bouquet for a Sweet & Simple Summer Vase

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This simple yarrow bouquet is perfect for cottage and wildflower inspired table settings or displays. Stokes aster, yarrow, and thyme are all you need for this bouquet recipe.

These three flowers hold up well in a vase and are wonderful to have in a cutting garden. However, they also wonderful for pollinators, so having them in your garden provides food for bees. Be sure to leave a few blooms to keep the bees happy!

Tips for Yarrow Bouquet Vaselife

Yarrow has a long vase life as a cut flower and also does well for dried arrangements. To extend the vase life for these arrangements, change the water every other day. For best results, use a floral food powder in the water.

Yarrow makes a lovely floral arrangement, but it’s just as much a part of my herb garden as my cut flower garden. Read my article here to learn the best time to harvest yarrow for herbal uses.

What You’ll Need

This style of yarrow bouquet is very simple to make. I used glass bud vases for these arrangements. Each vase has three sprigs of thyme, a spray of yarrow, and an aster bloom. To create additional texture, include an unopened aster bud.

The arrangements are loose and informal, so it’s fine to play with heights and structure until you find what you like best. When I put these together, I placed the thyme sprigs in a triangle, then added the yarrow and aster blooms to the center. You can also place the thyme together for a different visual impact.

Substitutes for this yarrow bouquet

Queen Anne’s lace would be a lovely substitute for the yarrow. I chose white yarrow because that’s what I grow in my herb garden, but using a yellow or pink yarrow would add another charming dimension to the arrangement.

Thyme comes in several color patterns with variegated foliage, and whatever thyme you happen to have in your garden should look fine.

More cut flower projects

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