Visiting Magnolia Springs State Park

Magnolia Springs boardwalk

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Chaucer and I love to visit state parks here in Georgia. Most of them welcome canine visitors, and Chaucer enjoys getting out on new trails. We visited Magnolia Springs when we took a road trip and stayed in one of the dog-friendly cabins.

What to do at Magnolia Springs State Park

Magnolia Springs State Park has hiking trails, a fishing dock, a small history center, and playgrounds. Campsites and cabins are available. It’s also part of the Muddy Spokes Club if biking is your thing.

Chaucer and I enjoyed hiking the trails. One trail connected our cabin right to the boardwalk and the springs. It was an easy walk through a wooded area with lots of places to stop and watch birds and other wildlife. Another trail starts down by the lake and winds back through the park.

The trails at Magnolia Springs

Chaucer and I are used to technical terrain in the North Georgia mountains, so the trails at Magnolia Springs were a breeze. The trails are flat and easy. There are plenty of places to sit and watch for wildlife, with one overlook at the back of the lake that’s really nice. There were lots of deer, raccoons, and possums. Also, alligators. So watch out for those!

Spending time on the boardwalk and admiring the springs are a must. There are fish, turtles, and alligators that call the spring home. We had fun observing from the safety of the platform!

Our visit

We stayed in one of the dog-friendly cabins, and I was really impressed. First, it was huge! The cabin sleeps eight. Chaucer and I had so much room to relax. Next time we go, we might try to convince some friends to come along. There was a screened porch, a roomy kitchen, and a big bathroom. Everything was very clean and well-cared for.

This park is now on our list of favorites and we can’t wait to go back!

What to know when you visit Magnolia Springs State Park

Our stay was in October, so the weather was cool but comfortable. There are gas stations and groceries available in nearby Millen. The park made a perfect base of operations for us- we visited Jekyll Island, Savannah, and George L. Smith State Park during our stay. The accommodations were clean, comfy, dog-friendly and so much more fun than staying in a hotel.

The park has a gate that closes at night, so be sure to ask the park staff for the gate code when you sign in.

There were several school tours that came through when Chaucer and I were enjoying some time by the springs, so be aware of that if your dog gets excited around children. Other than that, the park wasn’t crowded during the week and we enjoyed lots of time relaxing.