Silk and Sonder October plan with me

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I use Silk and Sonder planners to keep my personal life organized. Work-life balance is so important. . . But I admit I’m horrible at it. So I’m really grateful that I discovered the company that makes these planners! That’s why this month’s Plan With Me talks about them so much. My three planning tips for you this month are:

  • take yourself out for a coffee
  • learn a washi tape planner hack
  • revert to unashamedly messy bullet journaling

These are useful tips whether or not you use Silk and Sonder planners, by the way. Read on for more about each tip!

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Take yourself on a coffee date

At least once a month I make a point of taking myself out for coffee. This is my time to hatch my next big business plans. I also use it to do some journaling and reflection, and make sure my personal-life ducks are in a row.

Every Silk and Sonder planner comes with a different theme. For instance, this month focuses on tranquility. The planner includes journaling prompts related to the theme, and a log for list-style journaling.

I like to use part of my monthly coffee date to fill in my journal prompts. Rather than use the log every day, I will fill it in over two or three sittings. (One of which happens over coffee). I never remember to look at it every day!

Don’t feel like leaving the house? Make whipped coffee and treat yourself at home!

Planning tip: Take yourself on a coffee date once a month for a change of scene. Take along your Silk and Sonder, a journal, or even just a novel. Give yourself an hour or so to set goals for the month and get organized. Then just sit and enjoy the day for a bit.

Washi tape bookmarks

Last month, I tried something new in my Silk and Sonder. I used washi tape to create tabs and bookmarks for each week. It really makes it much easier to find things.

I put a tab on my habit tracker page and on one of my note pages. I also put washi tape along the edge of the page for each week. It makes it really easy to flip to each section without spending time leafing back and forth.

This is also easy to adapt for any planner or journal you use!

Planning tip: Buy some cute washi tape (cheap thrills!) and make custom bookmarks in your planners or journals.

Revert to messy bullet journaling

Ok, so I’m kind of on a mission here. I’ve seen so many gorgeous bullet journals floating around on Pinterest and Instagram. . . and, honey, please. Get real!

The original style of bullet journaling (which you can learn how to do here) is simple and functional. It’s a brilliant system! I’m not really sure why so many people have decided to turn it into a social media art competition. Who actually has time for that?

I use the original, basic style of bullet journaling in my Silk and Sonder planners. They are pretty enough that the result is quite lovely. I also use the bullet journal method in my business planning notebooks. Those, however, are a hot mess!

Own the mess. It’s a work in progress – who cares? You have my permission to make a messy BuJo. And if anyone gives you any grief about it, tell them it’s none of their business.

Planning tip: Remind yourself that Mess = Work in Progress. Done is better than perfect. Any day of the week. Especially when it comes to a planner that nobody else is going to be peeping anyway. Unless you’re me and decide to share it on the internet for posterity.

Enjoy your October!

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