Series: Old World Problems

Sophie Mayko inherits her grandmother’s house in St. Paul. Hoping to start fresh in her new neighborhood, she is soon confronted by a surprising cast of characters from Ukrainian folklore. . .and a whole host of Old World problems. The key to restoring the balance among St. Paul’s supernatural community appears to be the ornately decorated psanky made by Sophie’s grandmother, but no one remembers exactly how to make them. . .


After moving to St. Paul following the death of her mother and grandmother, Sophie begins to realize that there may be more to her family’s history than she is willing to admit. When the young girl next door disappears, the apparent victim of a creature from Slavic folktales, Sophie must come to terms with her ties to the supernatural underworld of St. Paul as she tries to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps.

The keys to restoring balance seem to lie in a basket of unusual painted eggs and her grandmother’s diaries. But will Sophie find the help she needs to translate her grandmother’s notes and learn the art of enchanting pysanky, or will the rusalka continue to claim the lives of innocent children as she searches for her own daughter?

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