Chaucer Loves Life

Every day is an adventure with this adorable Catahoula. One thing is for sure – Chaucer loves life! Read about his latest antics and discover his favorite recipes and gear.

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Happy Birthday Chaucer!

Chaucer’s favorite birthday treat is this homemade PB and Banana Pupcake recipe- complete with whipped vanilla maple cream topping. It’s sure to please both the birthday pup and his human family. And it’s Chaucer, so you know I didn’t give him any extra sugar to get hyped on. Yummy AND healthy.

The Great Dog Bed Caper

Chaucer thinks it’s funny to destroy his dog beds. Like, completely shred them and have a party with the fluff. We searched far and wide to find the best indestructible dog bed. Did we find one that could withstand his champion chewing skills? Read all about it!

Chaucer’s Insurance

Having good insurance for Chaucer gives me peace of mind. I’ve used Pet’s Best for several years and really like their plans, so I feel very comfortable partnering with them as an affiliate. You can get a quote here (#affiliate) or by clicking on the banner below!