How to choose the perfect camera for blogging

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There are so many cameras available that work well for blogging. Probably the three biggest contenders are Nikon, Sony, and Canon. And each of those brands have a number of different models that work well.

If you are looking for cameras for blogging, you’ll want to take time to get familiar with your options, but it also helps to hear what other bloggers like. Here’s some info on what I currently use and why.

My first DSLR camera originally belonged to my sister. So I didn’t think too much about whether it was a good camera for blogging, I just jumped right in! Turns out, it was perfect for the job and I’ve since upgraded to a version that also shoots video.

Nikon camera gear for blogging

First, I recommend that you invest in a digital single-lens reflex camera. The flexibility and quality provided by these cameras, even in automatic mode, is much better than point and shoot cameras. A good e-course or a book on digital photography will help you quickly get comfortable with your new camera.

Before I had my first Nikon DSLR, I used a point-and-shoot Canon Powershot. Upgrading to my sister’s old camera was a huge step up in terms of quality and flexibility.

I don’t recommend trying to use a point and shoot camera for blogging. They are much less expensive than a DSLR, but it will be harder to achieve professional looking photos with them. Using a DSLR saves time because you can adjust for different light levels and styles of photography during a shoot with minimal work on your part. That makes editing your photos much easier.

Mirrorless cameras are also an option. They are more compact that DSLR models. Eventually I’d love to upgrade to one, but for now my Nikon D5600 (#affiliate) does everything I could possibly ask of it.

Other camera gear for blogging

When you start looking at cameras, you will often have the option to purchase just the camera body and one or two lenses or a kit. I started out with just the camera and two lenses, but wish I had held out for a kit! You can often find one with an assortment of extra nice-to-haves for the same price as just the camera and lenses.

The essentials for extra gear are a tripod, an extra battery, and a sturdy carry bag. If you plan on doing flat lays or food photography, having the option to use a tripod is important. It becomes essential if you plan to do vlogging or fashion and lifestyle self-portraits, so go ahead and find a quality one that you can rely on.

A camera case is also a must! I love this one, (#affiliate) that I can wear as a cross body bag. It has room for an extra lens, battery and charger, and a cleaning kit. It’s really well made, too. I wanted one that could hold up to time outdoors in my garden and when I’m hiking.

At least one extra battery is helpful, so you can have a backup. It’s really frustrating to get halfway through a recipe shoot and realize you’re running out of juice! I also keep an extra charger in my camera bag, just in case.

Choose a camera that works for you

There are many DSLR cameras on the market, so it should be easy to find one that works for your budget. Make sure you are clear on the features you want before you go shopping!

One feature for bloggers to consider is the ability to record video and the quality of the video that it can record. Having the option to record vlogs, video podcasts, or even course videos on something other than your phone is helpful.

Also, some cameras can be paired with a remote or an app on your phone so you can release the shutter from a distance. This is great if you plan on staging your own fashion or lifestyle shots. You can create professional looking self portraits more easily this way.

Cameras for blogging are an essential piece of equipment for professional marketing and branding. In my experience, it’s much better to have a camera you can grow with!