Perfect gifts for tea lovers

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Trying to find the perfect gifts for tea lovers in your life? Don’t worry – there are plenty of great options that are sure to please.

I share some tangible gift ideas like flowering teas, Tea Drops, and an awesome tea subscription box. Of course, sometimes quality time is the best gift, so be sure to check out my fun ideas at the end to make some memories steeped in tea.

Flowering teas

Most tea comes either as loose-leaf or as tea bags. However, flowering teas are beautifully crafted bundles of dried leaves and flower petals that appear to “bloom” as they steep in hot water.

For best results, you should get a glass teapot or glass mug to go with them. That way, your tea lover can watch the teas as they bloom! Flowering teas are an enchanting present for the tea-obsessed.

Tea Drops

This unique option is the perfect gift for tea lovers who are on the go. Tea Drops makes delicious flavors in an unusual format. Each “drop” is a cute dollop of powdered tea and sugar for the perfect cup. It’s a bit like a bath bomb, but for your teacup.

Most of their packaging is recyclable and there are no tea bags to throw away, so it’s also perfect for eco-friendly gifting.

They have yummy seasonal flavors for fall and Christmas, too!

A selection by Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea makes delicious teas that are beautiful gifts for tea lovers. You can gift them as is, or wrap them up as part of a gift basket. They come in unique packaging that makes gifting feel extra special.

Amazon carries many Republic of Tea products, so enjoy browsing and finding the perfect match! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

SipsBy subscription gift for tea lovers

Last but not at all least on my list: a customized Sipsby subscription! I bought myself one as a treat this year during the pandemic lockdowns and LOVE it.

After completing a quiz so that SipsBy understands your preferences, a little box of tea will be delivered to your doorstep every month. You can specify if you like loose-leaf or bags best, or if you desire caffeine-free.

Each box has four new teas every month and makes around 15 cups. It’s a great way to make sure your tea lover has lots of new things to keep their teacup happy.

Other fun ways to surprise the tea lover in your life

There are also fun experiences that make great gifts. These three ideas will help you and your tea-obsessed friend or loved one make some fun memories together.

Go on a tea picnic

Pack a thermos of their favorite tea and find a scenic outdoor view. Don’t forget fancy sandwiches and cookies. Or cupcakes! Local parks may have cute spots by a pond or check for scenic overlooks on a nearby highway. State parks can also be a treasure trove of pretty places to sit and enjoy a cuppa.

Read tea leaves together

For a very entertaining and giggle-inducing Victorian past-time, you can attempt reading tea leaves together. See who can make up the most outrageous fortunes, or take it halfway seriously and consult a book on the topic like Reading the Leaves by Sandra Wright (#affiliate).

Do some tea-inspired baking

Earl grey tea, matcha, and chai spices pull double-duty as yummy baking ingredients. I found the following recipes on Pinterest and they look simply amazing!

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