Silk and sonder planner review

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I’ve been using these beautiful Silk and Sonder planners for almost two years and I’m so impressed with how easy it is to stay organized with them. I think they are a fantastic tool for writers, small business CEOs and entrepreneurs. If you have ever struggled with a good system for managing work and life balance as a writer or solopreneur, this Silk and Sonder planner review is for you! Here’s what I love about them and why I think they are such a great option.

The perfect size

Did I mention that Silk and Sonder planners arrive in the mail every month? So helpful – I don’t have to worry about filling up a notebook or remembering to order a new one! Since each planner only lasts for the coming month, it’s smaller than a twelve-month planner.

The pages are large enough to accommodate all of my daily to-do lists and yet still fit easily in my laptop bag or a purse. I don’t feel cramped in the columns for my daily activities. There are also plain note pages scattered throughout the planner for when I need to take notes, make long lists, or plan more involved projects.

Silk and Sonder review: the perfect system

Silk and Sonder planners give a perfect balance between pretty and practical. I use a (very messy) BuJo in a battered Leuchtterm 1917 to hold most of my weekly brainstorming and thought downloads, but the messiness of it can be overwhelming to me. So, I transfer the most important priorities over to my Silk and Sonder.

I give myself three business priorities and three personal priorities each day. There’s plenty of room for that in each column (and more). Three of each might seem arbitrary, but it’s the perfect balance for me- more than that and I feel overwhelmed and my productivity crashes.

Weekly planning spreads

This is what the weekly overview looks like in my October Silk and Sonder. (The washi tape on the pages is something I added to help me find my way around easily). There’s also a weekly spread for each day of the week.

Each weekly spread in the Silk and Sonder planner provides room at the top of the column to set a daily priority. This small productivity hack is so helpful!

Sometimes I use this space for an important work reminder, but more often I use it for the one personal activity I need or want to accomplish that day. As long as I do that one item on my to-do list, I consider my day a win!

There are also quite a few other helpful trackers in each planner!

Habit and mood trackers

I liked the concept of a monthly habit tracker when I first started using a bullet journal system. However, setting them up by hand is a pain! Silk and Sonder planners have a monthly habit tracker as well as a smaller weekly habit tracker in each week’s planning spread. Perfect!

Sometimes I use colored pencils to fill these in, other times I just use a dot or stripes in plain pencil. I admit – I don’t usually remember to use the mood tracker.

Journal prompts and more goodies

My Silk and Sonder planner review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t at least mention all of the other goodies included with each planner. They are packed with so many useful productivity tools! Some of these include:

  • Journaling prompts around different themes each month
  • A monthly calendar page
  • Monthly expense tracker
  • A page to set intentions for the coming month
  • Sections to reflect on the previous month (wins, favorite moments, hard moments, things you’d like to start/stop/continue)
  • Four month future log spread

The weekly planning spreads are also boss! They include the week number, a daily habit or activity tracker, a meal plan section and shopping list, and space for your top three weekly priorities and a weekly to do list where you can capture things before dropping them into your daily spread.

Where to find Silk and Sonder planners

Silk and Sonder planners have become my favorite productivity tool for keeping track of my responsibilities. Each Silk and Sonder planner arrives in your mailbox right on schedule every month. Mine usually shows up the week before a new month starts, so I have plenty of time to prepare for the month ahead. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Order your own Silk and Sonder subscription here. (#affiliate)

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