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Parsons Alley with Greg Carey

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Hanging out with other indie musicians is always a riot, especially when they happen to be family. I was able to stop by and nab some shots for my brother at a recent gig at Parsons Alley in Duluth, Georgia.

For his live sets, he does a mix of originals and covers. Go listen to his EP of originals, Bared Bones, over on Spotify!

Every week from May through August, you can catch Food Truck Fridays in Downtown Duluth. Live music, lots of good eats, small town vibe. . . what’s not to like? This was my first chance to check out the scene, and I really enjoyed it!

There’s plenty of free parking around the corner from Parsons Alley (at the school) if the main lots fill up. Besides the food trucks and live music, you can check out the restaurants and neat shops around the square.

It was a really nice, family-friendly vibe. Lots of people brought their dogs along, too! If you’re looking for a casual Friday night hang-out, this would be worth your while. Perfect summer fun convenient to John’s Creek and Lawrenceville, but definitely worth a bit more of a drive if you’re farther out.

I loved watching some of the kids dance and show off right in front of the stage. There was a whole group of little ones playing tag on the square and having a great time.

I loved this mural at the entrance, too. Parsons Alley is definitely on my list of favorite haunts going forward. Maybe we’ll see you around!