Good affiliate programs for new bloggers

Life of Noveltea participates in affiliate marketing programs for products I love, including Amazon Affiliates. I may earn a commission on purchases made through my links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my work!

At this point, I think most people are aware that writers can turn their blogs into an income stream. Affiliate marketing is just one of several ways to monetize a blog, but it can be overwhelming to sort through the options to find good affiliate programs for new bloggers.

Still, it’s a great place to start! I enjoy using affiliate marketing because it’s flexible and targeted. I write articles, then strategically add affiliate links and banners to my articles and blog side bar. Out of all of the monetization strategies I’ve tried, it feels the least pushy and the most authentic when it’s done well.

Here are some good affiliate programs to consider for new bloggers. These options don’t require that you have a lot of page views, and they are user-friendly. They also provide a wide variety of programs and products so that you can find the perfect affiliate links to fit your blog and your audience.

Ultimate Bundles’ affiliate program for new bloggers

I first became familiar with Ultimate Bundles when I saw the Herbs and Oils Bundle promoted by the Herbal Academy. I’m an affiliate for the Herbal Academy on one of my other blogs, Indie Herbalist. At the time, I didn’t realize that Ultimate Bundles actually has lots of different options!

Their products are collections of ebooks and courses that fall under specific categories. The bundles include themes like wellness, gardening, and financial savvy. My favorite bundles are the blogging bundle and the productivity bundle.

They offer a 40% commission for their affiliates, and their bundles of eBooks and courses are a great value for readers.

Brand new blogger? No worries! They welcome even brand new blogs and offer lots of training resources for learning affiliate marketing. Plus, you can even earn commissions by referring other bloggers to sign up for their program. They also currently offer a 10% revenue share for the first year on new affiliates you refer.

Follow this link to sign up! (#affiliate)


I’ve worked with several different affiliate networks over the years, but Shareasale is the only one that I’m still with. I’m continuing to build ShareASale as an income stream for my blogs, but they have programs for many products I already use and love. Examples are Silk and Sonder Planners, Tailwind, and Teadrops.

One aspect where they are really strong is for course subscription services like BluPrint and Masterclass. They also have lots of programs for lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

When you join ShareASale, you are automatically enrolled in the ShareASale affiliate program. Like Ultimate Bundles, they offer generous bonuses for helping recruit new affiliates, which is another reason they are worth a look for new bloggers. As of this writing, after your recruits earn $20 through affiliate marketing, you earn $30.

You can sign up here! (#affiliate)

Amazon Associates

Recently, the commissions on many Amazon categories went down. This was upsetting for me and many other bloggers. However, I still find that their Native Ads and their Bounty programs do pretty well for me. Their bounty program provides bonuses for things like Prime and Audible sign ups.

Personally, I prefer running Amazon affiliate links on my blogs rather than Google Ads. Amazon affiliate links are a better fit because they are targeted and flexible. I can choose what my readers see.

I feel like Google ads tend to cheapen the feel of my blogs and make them look really unattractive. They can display some spectacularly tacky ads that clash with the type of content I write.

Aesthetics are an important consideration on a blog. I don’t hang around on a blog that looks sketch and I don’t expect my readers to, either!

You can learn more about the Amazon Associates program here. They don’t currently have a referral program for bringing other affiliates on board, but their selection of products makes them worth a look.

Exploring affiliate options for your blogs

It can take time to find good affiliate programs, but it’s a simple way to get started monetizing your blog. As your page views grow and you build a rapport with your readership, you will be able to get a better feel for what works for you! In the meantime, a few versatile programs can help you begin.